Prepare Estate Plan Documents (Asset Protection Trust)


Preparation of Asset Protection Trust, Associated Trust Documentation, supervise and carry out asset transfers to protect assets, review and update account instructions to facilitate future administration, and organization of client assets in cohesive plan.

What is included?

  • Review of family and financial information.
  • Provide guidance regarding assets at risk of loss, and options available to preserve family wealth.
  • Draft plan documents to safeguard and preserve family investments, and important family belongings.
  • Prepare all documents necessary to effectively preserve assets, and provide advice on correct execution of transfers.
  • Shepherd all transfers, and provide documentation for status of transfers at completion of engagement.
  • Includes any review and updating of estate plan documents described in Preparation of Estate Plan Documents (Will Plan).

What is not included?

  • Does not include representation of any named fiduciary in carrying out of trust or estate administration, any fiduciary acting under other documents drafted, nor any representation before any Federal, State, or Local government entity, including any administrative entity such as the Department of Social Services in applying for Medicaid, nor representation before any Fair Hearing challenging a determination of eligibility or any court challenge of such determinations.