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Annually, fifteen to thirty attorneys work out of BALI while building their solo practices focusing, at least in part, on low-fee work. To accelerate attorneys’ practice development, we are recruiting volunteer legal coaches to offer substantial help as these attorneys build their expertise and practices.

Mentoring is one of the most rewarding activities for seasoned lawyers. Coaches contribute to addressing the justice gap while providing attorneys with the experience they need to launch practices. We need Coaches to mentor BALI attorneys in the following areas:


  • transactional work for small businesses
  • immigration
  • family law
  • employment (including wage + hour)
  • criminal defense/post conviction and reentry
  • landlord/tenant
  • law practice management


Interested? Please contact BALI Mentoring Attorney Cynthia Chandler at or (510) 473-5592

What do Coaches do? Volunteerism might include: answering questions about substantive law and case strategy; offering insight into relevant judges; or explaining best practices in your field. We ask mentors to make a year-long commitment, if possible. Coaches can expect to have a check-in meeting for at least one hour, once a week, in person or over the phone. Our attorneys also need coaches from time to time to answer quick legal strategy and substantive law questions. If you cannot make a significant time commitment but want to be available for an occasional one-off question that is helpful, too! Let us know.

What about conflicts of interest? Coaches should be careful not to talk about specific cases in sufficient detail to trigger conflicts, unless the mentee first provides you with the parties' names. But normally, you can offer support and advice without straying into this area.

Pro Bono Attorney / Nonprofit Host

BALI attorneys commit to a six-month, 20 hours per week apprenticeship at the beginning of our two-year program performing pro bono work for people living at the poverty line or below. They do this work by volunteering for nonprofit legal services organizations that provide the attorneys with superlative training in exchange for their volunteer labor handling pro bono cases.

Supervising attorneys at the host nonprofit organizations act at pro bono coaches: they provide BALI attorneys with coaching and supervision as the BALI attorneys take on cases of the nonprofit host organization. Responsibilities of the host organization and supervising attorney are outlined in an Memorandum of Understanding between BALI and the host organization.

Legal organizations and nonprofit attorneys interested in coaching our attorneys during their term of pro bono service should contact BALI Mentoring Attorney Cynthia Chandler at or (510) 473-5592

Intern or Extern

BALI continually builds and upgrades innovative systems to support our solo practice incubator hub. We seek paralegal, business or nonprofit management volunteer interns or externs for school credit to help with this work.

Duties include upgrading and maintaining our social media and website; managing client intake and referrals through an online portal, managing supply inventory, planning and coordinating ongoing training events and speakers in the latest legal and practice management trends; and identifying new technologies for use by solo practitioners. Our internships offer a wealth of training in law practice management and online marketing. Also, because solo legal practices are launching from our hub, the job can create useful professional connections for future employment with solos. Applicants must love the chaos inherent to launching a practice and nonprofit project as well as navigating entrepreneurial personalities. Applicants should thrive in creative spaces and enjoy creating structure.

Interested? Send a cover letter and resume to BALI Mentoring Attorney Cynthia Chandler at 


Make a donation today to support BALI's work reducing the justice gap and accelerating successful social mission practices. BALI is a project of Volunteer Legal Services Corporation, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent under the law.

Donate by check - make checks payable to "VLSC" with "BALI" in the subject line. Mail checks to VLSC / ACBA, 1000 Broadway, Suite 480, Oakland, CA 94607. 


BALI attorneys take on modest-means cases at lower fees that many attorneys are unable to handle. Are you an attorney with a modest means case you think might be great for one of our attorneys? 

Refer modest means cases to us! Send information to BALI Mentoring Attorney Cynthia Chandler at


BALI attorneys are accelerating their own practices. Temporarily, they supplement their income with contract work. If you have work, consider supporting BALI and a new generation of solos by hiring a BALI attorney. 

If you want to review candidates from BALI's energetic, motivated, entrepreneurial cohort of attorneys, send a brief job description to BALI Mentoring Attorney Cynthia Chandler at to forward out to BALI attorneys. Interested attorneys will respond to you directly with application materials.