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Qualified Domestic Relations Order


Arrange the split of a retirement plan as part of a divorce or legal separation. Under the QDRO exception, a domestic relations order may assign some or all of a participant's retirement benefits to a spouse, former spouse, child, or other dependent.

Restraining Order


Stop harassment, stalking or violence by seeking a court order against an individual. This is also referred to as a Workplace or Domestic “Stay Away”.

Remove Arrest Records


Clear your record. When you succeed with this process, the police reports, booking photos, fingerprints, and other records of the arrest will be sealed and destroyed. You will also be able to legally answer "no" when asked whether you've ever been arrested.

DUI Defense


Full representation for your misdemeanor DUI / DWI case.

Reduction to Misdemeanor and Expungement


Clear Your Record. An attorney can help you reduce an offense to a misdemeanor and obtain an expungement of records. Expungement of a criminal offense means that your criminal conviction will be dismissed.